Jan Klata

fot. Adam Golec

There is nothing good about indulging and idealizing our warts. That’s what the Great Authors, whose works I am constantly accused of desecrating, also believed. That’s why I am deeply convinced – although I may be wrong – that my remixes of literature, as my plays are not note for note performances but rather remixes and covers, somehow remain true to the authors’ intentions. At least that’s something I care deeply about – all appearances aside. 

Theatrical director and dramaturge. He is one of the most talked about contemporary theatre artists in Poland and abroad. He’s received “Polityka” weekly’s coveted Passport award as well as the “Teatr” magazine Konrad Swinarski Prize for best director. Klata’s stagings are poster-like, drawn with a heavy brush. Under his direction, plays frequently remix scenes, sequences of movements as well as visual and sound effects. He is known for his collaborations with musicians including Robert Piernikowski and James Leyland Kirby.

Jan Klata at MICET: Audiotheque, An Enemy of The People Director’s Script app