Kazimierz Wiśniak

fot. Konrad Pollesch

I studied interior design which, at the time, was a very boring affair. Eventually, I lost interest in interior design and became fascinated by stage design. I was convinced that by working in theatre I could see almost all of my ideas come to life.

A stage designer, painter, illustrator and graphic artist; co-creator of Krakow’s Piwnica pod Baranami cabaret. He created stage designs for over 250 plays in Poland and abroad. At the Stary Theatre, he collaborated with directors such as Jerzy Jarocki and Konrad Swinarski. He consciously avoided “aggressive” scenery and his stage designs were characterized by careful attention to contemporary details. Wiśniak stage designs are often based on dual spatial structures. In these cases, scenery would represent two different spaces that were often linked and supplemented each other. Since 1963, he has primarily worked in Cracow and Wrocław, where he co-created many of Henryk Tomaszewski’s stagings at the Wrocław Pantomime Theater. Along with Tomaszewski, he also established The Toy Museum in Karpacz.

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