Krystyna Zachwatowicz

Prof. Karol Frycz made us to create our own director’s script. He wanted us to think of each play as a whole.

Krystyna Zachwatowicz collaborated on legendary stagings including Konrad Swinarski’s versions of Zygmunt Krasiński’s The Un-Divine Comedy and Adam Mickiewicz’s Forefathers’ Eve, Jerzy Jarocki’s adaptation of S.I. Witkiewicz’s The Shoemakers and Andrzej Wajda’s Demons and Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky, Wyspiański’s November Night and Sophocles’ Antigone. She refused to blindly follow theatrical trends and fashions, focusing instead on a deep understanding of the text and the director’s vision.

Krystyna Zachwatowicz at MICET: Macbeth Director’s Script app, Set Design app